We work on changing our society and the world for the better.

We do business and leadership coaching.

We develop software products from idea to delivery.

And we experiment and learn to do it better every day.

From Us To You

Business and Leadership Coaching

We offer coaching for individuals, leaders and change agents as well as for whole teams. In the current global competition, companies who can engage people to learn and continually renew the business together are those that will prosper. Let us help you make that happen!

Save the world with Flowa

The world is facing an unprecedented threat, the climate crisis. We want to do own share to prevent it. We develop kick-ass software products from idea to delivery. We are business and leadership coaches. We know our strengths, we are eager to learn, and we want to find partners that

Software Development Services

"Working with you is such a delight compared to other companies" - Johanna Mätäsaho, Bester We translate business problems into technical solution and clarify what kind of opportunities technology can offer. We are good with people and creating shared understanding across different mindsets, and we are good at making things

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