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Effective Communication in Distributed Teams

Lot of problems we are facing while working remotely during a time of crisis boil down to communication. Join our online learning circle on effective communication in distributed teams!

remote teams

My invitation for you

I'd like to invite you to join our upcoming remote training for leaders. I believe it will be worth your while. Both you and the company you work for will learn something that will help you thrive as these uncertain times we are facing continue. A difficult askWriting the paragraph

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What has changed for me during this crisis

I cannot control the crisis, but I can try to influence my own clarity of purpose and motivation. As an experiment, I tried the Moving Motivators exercise. Here are my findings and reflections on what has changed.

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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Remote retrospectives

"People are passive", "Clumsy tools", "Lacking human connection"... These are all common challenges agile coaches, ScrumMasters and facilitators face when facilitating retrospectives remotely. At Flowa we have run Remote retrospective for years because we are located in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. We have also experience in facilitating retrospectives in multi-site teams.

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Survey: Challenges in working from home during lockdown

Are you working from home during lockdown? Me too. Let's share and collect our challenges for mutual benefit. Maybe that will spark some ways to help each other.

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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Games #3

CancelledUnfortunately this webinar was cancelled. We will keep covering the topic of games later in this webinar series. Sign up to next week's webinar is now open. See more info below. Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Remote retrospectives“People are passive”, “Clumsy tools”, “Lacking human connection”... These are all common

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Remote patterns and practices: Pizza co-writing

One of the problems we have come across is how to effectively produce content together. Pizza co-writing is our favorite method for this.

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Remote patterns and practices: Weekly goals

Weekly goals practice is about choosing tactics that support strategy and collaboration and guides day-to-day work. Weekly goal ideal for seasoned self-organized teams and small organizations.

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Interactive Webinar: Effective co-working sessions in remote teams

Context and challenge Many of us are now working from home and we need to co-create, brainstorm and make things happen together. This is not easy. Some have toddlers to look after and some have home schooling or other family members to support. Finding time for meetings can be difficult.

Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Games #2

Last week we had a webinar about games that work well in remote setting, and why you should use them with your team. The webinar was fully booked and many people couldn't get their seat in time so this week we will do it again.