How to break 4 vicious cycles of software development

At Flowa we have seen quite a few software projects over the years, and worked with dozens of organizations having software in the core of their business. We have identified 4 common vicious cycles and ways for breaking them. 4 vicious cycles of software developmentWhen we work in a customer


Of 2019 and software development

As wholesome and holistic the human life is, it's difficult to figure out how single segment has developed, what has affected the shift in thinking of certain things. I welcome this moment and this space for allowing me to craft a few thoughts about programming. And the nuts and bolts


Looking back at 2019 – part 1

Antti here, to sum up year 2019. In this first part I'm looking at our coaching curriculums.


How to track raw materials with blockchain - enabling climate impact and carbon accounting

The Earth loves transparency! It allows us to fight climate crisis effectively. We need transparency to ensure that the burden of the needed climate action is shared fairly and there are no freeriders. Then again, there are dozens of layers and business owners who are afraid of transparency. Too much


Why an agenda won't make your meetings better

Are we doomed to have lousy meetings at work? What could we try to improve them instead of having a pre-planned agenda?


Learning Kanban through Games: Why and How

Principles of Kanban can seem counter-intuitive at first. Games can make them more understandable.