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Remote Team Health Check

Remote Team Health Check is designed for creating shared understanding of how your remote team is coping and what challenges each one of you is facing.

Kirkasta tarkoitus: miksi ja miten

Organisaatio, yksikkö, tiimi, mikä tahansa rakenne, joka kokoaa ihmisiä yhteen, tarvitsee tarkoituksen. Tarkoitus antaa rakenteeseen kuuluville ihmisille mahdollisuuden tuntea työnsä merkitykselliseksi. Se myös auttaa kaikessa päätöksenteossa kaikilla tasoilla.


Yhteinen suunta ja autonomia

Asiantuntijoiden johtamisessa nousee usein kysymys yhteiseen suuntaan menemisestä. Kuinka yhdistää selkeä yhteinen suunta ja autonomia käytännössä?

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Effective Communication in Distributed Teams

Lot of problems we are facing while working remotely during a time of crisis boil down to communication. Join our online learning circle on effective communication in distributed teams!

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My invitation for you

I'd like to invite you to join our upcoming remote training for leaders. I believe it will be worth your while. Both you and the company you work for will learn something that will help you thrive as these uncertain times we are facing continue. A difficult askWriting the paragraph

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What has changed for me during this crisis

I cannot control the crisis, but I can try to influence my own clarity of purpose and motivation. As an experiment, I tried the Moving Motivators exercise. Here are my findings and reflections on what has changed.

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Survey: Challenges in working from home during lockdown

Are you working from home during lockdown? Me too. Let's share and collect our challenges for mutual benefit. Maybe that will spark some ways to help each other.

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Free Resources for Remote Software Teams

We have collected a list of the best and most trustworthy free resources for new remote teams.

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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar

Has your team just switched to remote-first mode of working? Does it feel difficult? We are organising a free interactive webinar about how to be productive while working in remote teams.

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Team Leadership: Planning and Coordinating Team's Work

Duties of a team lead(er), bullet point 1: Plan and coordinate team's work. How planning and coordinating teams' work has been disrupted by the overall disruption of creative knowledge work? And how to handle this duty now and in the future?