As wholesome and holistic the human life is, it's difficult to figure out how single segment has developed, what has affected the shift in thinking of certain things. I welcome this moment and this space for allowing me to craft a few thoughts about programming. And the nuts and bolts we tinker with daily.

Of the year

Generally the 2019 was a year I got to try out few things and spent a few thoughts through the year on why I tend to prefer some stuff instead of other. This led to the conclusion that we have grown out to be a pretty vast a moor when it comes to choosing our tools and building blocks.

If I previously was pretty much into following the new huff and puff, I guess I kinda grew indifferent (I lack a better word). Not the way that technology would not matter, but I'm keen on thinking that it's not hugely important what service does Amazon crank out this year. Or if blockchain is actually proven to be useful.

Still, there's something here that makes me purr and make other noises that we make when we are pleased on something that makes our life a bit more on the easy side.

Stack of 2019

My favourite stack in the year 2019 was Clojure(Script) + Firebase.

Now when it comes to my urge to master the most complex solutions which kinda lack the problems worth solving, it's still there.


With open arms I embrace my other ambition to be an apprentice for life and ease and speed up the path from idea to working software. We have invoked the spells bound to the firebase API now more than a few times using the runes of ClojureScript, and it kinda get's better and better all the time.

I have one foot in the DevOps camp, but I do not miss the extensive complexity of delivery and CI servers at all. For now, I'm pleased by the simplicity of the delivery pipelines Bitbucket offers. Together with simple "firebase deploy"-command, well, there's not all that much left to fuss about.

As for ClojureScript, the shadow-cljs is pretty much the missing link to interop with all things JavaScript. Although I preferred Lein based CLJS bundles to be superior to the complexity Webpack brings along, we have now shot past the stars and are moving further.

This year and beyond

I expect this year to yield more unexpected good news. Technically, while I'm not super into knowing all the nuts and bolts in the universe, I want to expand a little. Maybe deepening my knowledge of different cloud-environments still, since that way of doing things, serverless and likes, are here.

Past that, instead of technology evangelists, we need voices of different kind. Not necessarily how, but what.

World is changing and awareness of how the systems work that affect our ability to live on our planet is on the rise. Technology and software is essential in raising this awareness and in solving the problems related to over consumerism, climate change and many many other areas related to sustainability.

Get gnarly. Build the right stuff.

Photo by Satu Tani