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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Games #2

Last week we had a webinar about games that work well in remote setting, and why you should use them with your team. The webinar was fully booked and many people couldn't get their seat in time so this week we will do it again.


Playing remotely: Spaceteam

We have a long tradition of playing all kind of games together. There's no better way to get juice flowing gaming together. Spaceteam is brilliant for this

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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Games

In this free interactive webinar we get some hands-on experience and talk about the benefits of fitting some gaming to your remote collaboration efforts!


Of 2019 and software development

As wholesome and holistic the human life is, it's difficult to figure out how single segment has developed, what has affected the shift in thinking of certain things. I welcome this moment and this space for allowing me to craft a few thoughts about programming. And the nuts