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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Games #3

Cancelled Unfortunately this webinar was cancelled. We will keep covering the topic of games later in this webinar series. Sign up to next week's webinar is now open. See more info below. Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Remote retrospectives“People are passive”, “Clumsy tools”, “Lacking human connection”... These

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Games for remote teams

Games bring joy and connection to remote teams. If you care for the productivity and wellbeing of your remote team, you should consider playing more games together. This a growing list of games that we have found to work well with remote teams. Spaceteam A collaborative mobile shouting game https:


Playing remotely: Spaceteam

We have a long tradition of playing all kind of games together. There's no better way to get juice flowing gaming together. Spaceteam is brilliant for this

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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Games

In this free interactive webinar we get some hands-on experience and talk about the benefits of fitting some gaming to your remote collaboration efforts!


Agile Game Design 101

This blog is a how to guide to design agile games in an agile way, meaning using agile game design principles. Agile games are serious games (or games for learning) to support learning of agile values, principles and practices.


Learning Kanban through Games: Why and How

Principles of Kanban can seem counter-intuitive at first. Games can make them more understandable.