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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Games #3

Cancelled Unfortunately this webinar was cancelled. We will keep covering the topic of games later in this webinar series. Sign up to next week's webinar is now open. See more info below. Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Remote retrospectives“People are passive”, “Clumsy tools”, “Lacking human connection”... These

remote work

Interactive Webinar: Effective co-working sessions in remote teams

Context and challenge Many of us are now working from home and we need to co-create, brainstorm and make things happen together. This is not easy. Some have toddlers to look after and some have home schooling or other family members to support. Finding time for meetings can be difficult.

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Games for remote teams

Games bring joy and connection to remote teams. If you care for the productivity and wellbeing of your remote team, you should consider playing more games together. This a growing list of games that we have found to work well with remote teams. Spaceteam A collaborative mobile shouting game https:

remote work

These digital tools have enabled us to work as a distributed team

Remote team work is all about fluent interaction with your teammates. Everything related to the work needs to be available online. This is why it is essential that your digital tools are up to the job. It is important to notice that there is no such thing as a perfect


How to break 4 vicious cycles of software development

At Flowa we have seen quite a few software projects over the years, and worked with dozens of organizations having software in the core of their business. We have identified 4 common vicious cycles and ways for breaking them. 4 vicious cycles of software developmentWhen we work in a customer


Tracking raw materials with blockchain - enabling climate impact and carbon accounting

The Earth loves transparency! It allows us to fight climate crisis effectively. We need transparency to ensure that the burden of the needed climate action is shared fairly and there are no freeriders. Then again, there are dozens of layers and business owners who are afraid of transparency. Too much