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Are you happy with crappy estimates? — Patterns and practices for better estimates

The estimates are a tricky thing. There are a lot of good estimation techniques, but no technique is perfect. There is also a lot of polarized debate about software estimation. I’ll try to avoid that and shed a systemic view on the topic. Here you have my top 12

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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Remote retrospectives

"People are passive", "Clumsy tools", "Lacking human connection"... These are all common challenges agile coaches, ScrumMasters and facilitators face when facilitating retrospectives remotely. At Flowa we have run Remote retrospective for years because we are located in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. We have also experience

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Remote patterns and practices: Pizza co-writing

One of the problems we have come across is how to effectively produce content together. Pizza co-writing is our favorite method for this.

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Remote patterns and practices: Weekly goals

Weekly goals practice is about choosing tactics that support strategy and collaboration and guides day-to-day work. Weekly goal ideal for seasoned self-organized teams and small organizations.


Build business, not features!

“If you release and you’re not embarrassed, you're too late”, I’ve been repeating. We experimented if we are practicing what we preach.


How to break 4 vicious cycles of software development

At Flowa we have seen quite a few software projects over the years, and worked with dozens of organizations having software in the core of their business. We have identified 4 common vicious cycles and ways for breaking them. 4 vicious cycles of software developmentWhen we work in a customer


Tracking raw materials with blockchain - enabling climate impact and carbon accounting

The Earth loves transparency! It allows us to fight climate crisis effectively. We need transparency to ensure that the burden of the needed climate action is shared fairly and there are no freeriders. Then again, there are dozens of layers and business owners who are afraid of transparency. Too much