Does your team or organisation need help with software/product development or its surrounding aspects:

  • Better structuring of tasks, goals, and challenges
  • Developing the team's ability to take responsibility and improve their actions
  • Tackling difficult situations and questions, and moving forward from them

Now, you have the opportunity to bring me, Antti Kirjavainen, onto your team - an experienced software product professional and coach. I am currently looking for my next assignment. This could be in roles such as a team leader, scrum master or Product Owner (PO).

A Brief About Myself

I have over 15 years of experience in software product development in virtually all roles. I am an entrepreneur, one of the founders and stakeholders of Flowa.

At the moment I see myself contributing the most as a coaching team leader or in the role of a Product Owner. I am seeking a PO or team leader position, whether for a shorter or longer period. Other roles where I can contribute as part of a team or organization are also of interest. Primarily, I am not looking for a role of an external coach or consult.

What Drives Me at Work

I feel successful when things appear clearer, more meaningful, and more inspiring to others. I believe in collaborative efforts.

I enjoy gaining insight into the bigger picture and helping people understand each other better. And of course, the crowning achievement of all this is when, through collective effort, a product is created that genuinely improves people's lives.

My Role

My ideal role is that of a facilitating and coaching one. I am not overly concerned about what I need to do exactly to support my team. Many things, even technical aspects, come naturally. After all, I also have a background in software development.

My Expertise

Here's a recent overview of my work history that best highlights my expertise:

Most recently, I held the position of Chief Product Officer at a SaaS startup. Prior to that, I have been coaching teams and organizations in agility, modern product development, and responsiveness in recent years. Before that, I worked as a software developer and team leader.

You can learn more about my skills and experience from my CV. You can also explore my LinkedIn profile.


Drop me a message, and let's have a conversation.

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