We wanted to offer something nice for all you ScanAgile 2024 attendees. And to give you the opportunity to see how our fellows at Flowa can help you and your organisation at the same time. So here it is.

Product Backlog refinement is a key activity

But preparing and refining the Product Backlog can be a lonely task. Sure, the team can help, and the stakeholders are more than willing to give their advice on priorities, but sometimes an outside perspective would help the most.

Give yourself a hand by winning an experienced product expert to pair with you in preparing and/or refining the Product Backlog.

As the Product Owner you will be in control: our product expert will ask about what do you want to achieve and will then help you achieve just that together.

For every 25 answers to this short questionnaire we will give away one free session. Here are the terms and conditions of our offer.

So join the raffle and spread the word!

You can participate by filling out the questionnaire on the form below.

Use this link to open the form in another window.