We recently wrote about how we want our company Flowa to become a true social and planetary enterprise.

Although we see that we still have a long way to go, we have already done something we are proud of regarding this theme.

In this post I will introduce two such projects:


Transparency allows us to fight climate crisis effectively. On the other hand, too much transparency can threaten businesses as they fear that they lose their competitive advantage to their competitors.

Screenshot of the GoWood proof of concept

The GoWood project explored this challenge in the context of flow of wood materials in the value chain. The GoWood project was an Aalto University project funded by EIT Climate-KIC.

If the flow of wood could be tracked throughout the value chain, that would allow the carbon accounting of wood buildings. Which would then in turn allow the evaluation of climate impact of construction wooden buildings.

Our contribution to the GoWood project was the creation of a technical proof of concept demonstrating the combination of transparency and privacy of information in tracking the plywood used in the buildings, using Holochain.

Read more about the GoWood technical proof of concept here.

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The Earth loves transparency! It allows us to fight climate crisis effectively.We need transparency to ensure that the burden of the needed climate action isshared fairly and there are no freeriders. Then again, there are dozens of layers and business owners who are afraid oftransparency. Too mu…

What Matters To Me

What matters to me (whatmattersme.com) is an application that helps people communicate their needs efficiently so that they can get the support they need in everyday life e.g. when traveling, accommodating or just visiting a new place.

What Matters To Me app

What matters to me was founded by Bestser Oy. We were the technical partner who built the application and worked together with the Bestser CEO Johanna Mätäsaho to shape the UX and feature set to match the needs of the end users.

Read more about our work on What Matters To Me here.

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