"Working with you is such a delight compared to other companies"
- Johanna Mätäsaho, Bester

We translate business problems into technical solution and clarify what kind of opportunities technology can offer. We are good with people and creating shared understanding across different mindsets, and we are good at making things work whatever it takes.

We have built a service for helping people with special needs for an impact start-up. We have worked as a part of a team building a large nation-wide social and healthcare service. We have been developing a big data product and coached the development team on the way. We have been developing  a system that has been adopted by most of the Finland's municipalities. We have been developing an international logistic system. We've built Single page application for B2B sales. We have been creating a continuous deployment pipeline for micro-service based application in social and healthcare domain.

We have worked successfully in many different domains and with many different technologies.

Tech-jargon warning

Some of you want to know what technologies we have used, and we don't want to disappoint you.

We build SaaS products on top of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS. We dissect monolithic enterprise applications to micro-services by using functional programming languages such as Clojure and F#. We are experts in Java, .NET and NodeJS ecosystems. We do front-end development in JavaScript, TypeScript and ClojureScript.

We rock data-driven solutions and have deep knowledge of both SQL databases (eg. Microsoft SQL-Server, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle), NoSQL (eg. MongoDB, CouchDB, ElasticSearch, Firebase) and data streaming (eg. RabbitMQ, Riemann).

We manage infrastructures by Terraform and Ansible and deliver software to correct place by integrating SCM's to continuous deployment pipelines. We master Git. We can help you to master it too.

We work as a change agents in agile software teams. We work as scrum masters.

We are passionately interested in technology and find the best tools for different needs. We are seasoned veterans of software development with a spark in our eye. We constantly find joy in finding better and more effective ways of making software. We also help you to learn continuously.

Here's what we can offer for you

From Idea To Reality Partner

You have an idea for software service? We can help you. We can work as a team that can help you to validate your business idea by using Lean Startup methods. We can help you to clarify, validate and test you idea and then we can build the awesome software you need to make your dream come true.

We use state of the art cloud services and programming frameworks to build clean and easy to maintain code.

Let's get started! Drop us a line and we'll get back to you soon!

Coding Change Agent

Get some new ideas and improve shared understanding in your development team! We offer coding change agents who are friendly, know architectures and technologies and are willing to hop in hands on to code and spark change for better ways of working.

We love people so much that we want to improve the technical skills, shared understanding, happiness and communication with the customer in your whole team!

Drop us a line, we are happy to tell you more!

Are you an impact start up or want to make a positive change to society?

Let's talk, look here for details.