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Remote Fishbowl Lean Coffee

This is a remote session plan, with ready-to-use templates, for a big crowd to discuss together in a structured way without a predefined agenda. It is based on both the Lean Coffee structured agendaless meeting format and the Fishbowl discussion format.

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Closing with Conclusions

Here is a quick remote workshop activity plan for closing a session with conclusions. It involves reflecting on insights, puzzles and next steps and sharing them with the whole group.


Remote Retrospective Plan: WARP

Running a remote workshop calls for more up-front planning and prep than face-to-face workshops. That is why I'm sharing this retrospective plan, with templates (Google Jamboard for now, maybe more later), to help you get your retrospective prep done in just a few minutes!

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These digital tools have enabled us to work as a distributed team

Remote team work is all about fluent interaction with your teammates. Everything related to the work needs to be available online. This is why it is essential that your digital tools are up to the job. It is important to notice that there is no such thing as a perfect