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Free Resources for Remote Software Teams
We have collected a list of the best and most trustworthy free resources for new remote teams.
These digital tools have enabled us to work as a distributed team
Remote team work is all about fluent interaction with your teammates. Everythingrelated to the work needs to be available online. This is why it is essentialthat your digital tools are up to the job. It is important to notice that there is no such thing as a perfect tool set. Youneed to constant…
Games for remote teams
This is a growing list of games that work well with remote teams SpaceteamA collaborative mobile shouting game Very good energizer before meeting. Super fun. Can be a bit buggy/unstablesometimes. Keep talking and nobody explodesCollaborative mobile puzzle game.…
Playing remotely: Spaceteam
We have a long tradition of playing all kind of games together. There’s no better way to get juice flowing gaming together. Spaceteam is brilliant for this

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Interactive Webinars for Remote Teams
Check out our series of free interactive webinars for Productive Remote Teams.

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Leadership and Facilitation of Adaptive Remote Teams
Our new workshop, to help thrive amidst unpredictable and challenging times: leadership and facilitation of productive remote teams, and leading, co-creation, sensing and responding and fostering human connections.
Remote team coaching
Has your team just switched to remote-first mode of working? Does it feeldifficult? Maybe you have faced some of the following challenges: * Information is missing because lack in communication * People are silent in remote meetings * General level of happiness is decreasing * Cowboy coding c…