I want our company Flowa to become a true social and planetary enterprise.

One that contributes to the well-being of our society and the sustainability of our planet in addition to being a financially healthy business.

What would that mean in practice?

In the words of Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics, it would mean that Flowa would contribute meaningfully towards our shared social foundation and respecting our planetary boundaries.

The Doughnut model of Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth.

How do I see us achieving that?

I see the key to that being finding our optimal positions and relationships in the embedded economy.

The embedded economy model by Kate Raworth from her book Doughnut Economics.

That is: what services and products can we set up in the markets, what can we provide to the commons. And what can we co-create with third sector organisations and the public sector. And right now, I see us focusing on the commons and the organisations in the third sector where there is a lot of positive movements gaining speed.

What can we offer to the embedded economy

These are the things we are known for:

  1. We are excellent in developing software products and services. From idea to delivery.
  2. We coach teams and organisations in improving their ways of organising work for the benefit of both the individuals and the organisation. To thrive amidst uncertainty.
  3. We facilitate better shared understanding. To allow people to collaborate effectively in business, amidst complexity and/or in systems level.

There are lot of buzzwords involved, of course. While they are not what we want to lead with, they are memes that can help you understand where we come from. So here goes:

Software product development buzzwords: agile software development, lean startup, web apps, SaaS, UX, design thinking, functional programming languages, Clojure, Google Cloud Platform.

Coaching-related buzzwords: agile, business agile, self-organisation, purpose-driven company, responsive organisation, lean-agile, remote work, remote collaboration, learning organisation, lean thinking, agile leadership.

Facilitation-related buzzwords: business agile, systems thinking, complexity thinking, triz, remote facilitation, remote workshops, remote work.

What kind of co-creation projects do we see ourselves in in the near future

I see this kind of transition being an exploration of the embedded economy.

I want to get acquainted with actors in the different sectors that have aligned aspirations. I believe we have some expertise we can offer and something to contribute in different discussions.

In order to find genuine opportunities, me and my Flowa fellows are prepared to be curious as well as generous. We are happy to explore possibilities, for example in the following ways that we have tried out and found useful and fun:

  • Consulting on the possibilities of co-creating software, web apps and such to support disruptive social and planetary initiatives
  • Consulting on facilitation and remote facilitation and even offering facilitation support to disruptive social and planetary initiatives
  • Joining and co-creating research projects and sustainability projects to seek funding together
  • Other ways of collaboration we haven't thought of yet

How to get in touch with us?

Here is a contact form:

You can also DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn or send an email to me at antti at flowa.fi.