I'm thinking of inviting together a peer support group for team and enterprise coaches.

I feel a need for this kind of support group right now and I'm curious whether there are people that resonate with that need.

Challenging situation

There are many aspects in the current situation that pose challenges to coaches:

  • shift to hybrid work
  • the toll pandemic and remote work has had on teams and organisations
  • individuals suffering from isolation, stress (including coaches)
  • etc.


I'm thinking of inviting together a group of coaches to share experiences and challenges and to provide support for each other.

For agile coaches, sure, but not limited to those: lean coaches, enterprise coaches, transformation coaches, Teal coaches etc. are also welcome.

The starting point for co-creation:

  • co-located sessions (in downtown Helsinki)
  • once a month
  • 2-3 hours (including breakfast or lunch)
  • small group discussions focused on sharing experiences and challenges and providing peer support
  • with a small fee to cover venue, food, and to pay for organisation and facilitation work
  • transparent cost & reimbursement rules and data
  • discount for Agile Finland members

Are you interested?

Would you be interested in getting an invitation? Or getting a heads-up if and when we kickstart this?

Or would you be interested in co-creating this kind of peer support group with me?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes, please share your contact information on the form below: