Running a remote workshop calls for more up-front planning and prep than face-to-face workshops. The same goes for remote retrospectives.

That is why I'm sharing this retrospective plan, with templates (Google Jamboard for now, maybe more later), to help you get your retrospective prep done in just a few minutes!

The Plan: WARP

WARP stands for Wishes, Appreciation, Risks and Puzzles, and those are the categories used in the Gather Data stage of this retrospective plan.

The plan clocks at 1h 15min, but we've managed to squeeze it in a 1 hour timebox with our Flowa fellows. Your mileage may vary and I would say it is better to reserve ample time for discussion than to rush through your retrospective in a hurry.

This remote retrospective plan has been inspired by the excellent Spotify Retro Kit. Check it out for more ideas on retrospective formats!

The 5 stages of retrospective are from the book Agile Retrospectives by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen.

"I'm here for the files"

Just a sneak peek of this plan in SessionLab

Have fun!

Liked it, want more? Or would you like something else?

I'm curious whether this was of use for you. And if yes, would you like more plans and templates like this? If so, please tell me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

And please share this plan so more people can use it.

I'm also thinking about what templates to share along the plans. I've started with Google Jamboard, but I'm open to supporting more. So ping me on Twitter if you'd like me to create templates on Miro etc.

Credit where it is due