"People are passive", "Clumsy tools", "Lacking human connection"... These are all common challenges agile coaches, ScrumMasters and facilitators face when facilitating retrospectives remotely.

At Flowa we have run Remote retrospective for years because we are located in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. We have also experience in facilitating retrospectives in multi-site teams.

In this interactive webinar you'll learn:

How to energize people and help them contribute actively?

How to ensure that retrospective have the impact you wish them to have?

What kind of tools have worked for us especially well?

Connection and fun with remotely playable games

The webinar will take place Friday 8th of May and lasts 90 minutes.

The starting time on different time zones:
14:00 EET (Summer time, GMT+3)
13:00 CET (Summer time, GMT+2)


Date:   Friday 8th of May
Time: 14:00 EET (Summer time, GMT+3) / 13:00 CET (Summer time, GMT+2)

To join, you need just the things you would need to be effective in a remote team setting:

  • good quality internet condition
  • computer
  • webcam
  • good audio setup: headset with a microphone is preferred, but a Jabra device will work as well

We will send you advance information and a link to join the webinar after you enroll.

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Feedback from the previous webinars

  • I will play something with my team next week. Thank you for your encouragement!
  • Loads of features to try out, together with my team
  • Great ideas for energizers
  • I like JamBoard, will try this with my team +1
  • We all have tha same problems - that is a relieve
  • This was a reminder to make online meetings less "official" and boring. Check-ins, games, tools to support collaboration etc.
  • Fun, good spirit
  • It's possible to keep things in a time-box!!!!