Continuing my experiment of sharing my remote workshop plans and templates: Here is a quick activity plan for closing a session with conclusions.

It involves reflecting on insights, puzzles and next steps and sharing them with the whole group. I'm really rather fond of this activity and I have found it a good way to end a variety of workshops, such as interactive training sessions as well as interactive webinars and workshops with specific focus.

Why use this conclusion activity

I use this to facilitate the participants:

  • to reflect on their learning and insights of the session (and to write them down)
  • to reflect and share what still puzzles them about the topic
  • to reflect and share what actions they could take after the session

For me as a facilitator, this activity offers:

  • Visibility on the insights the participants had
  • Awareness of the questions they still have after the session – leading to opportunities to improve the session or to follow up afterwards
  • Ability to encourage participants to commit to actions and experiments after the session.

What it looks like

Closing with conclusions Jamboard frame in action

Here are the files

Liked it, want more? Or would you like something else?

I'm curious whether this was of use for you. And if yes, would you like more plans and templates like this? If so, please tell me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

And please share this plan so more people can use it.

I'm also thinking about what templates to share along the plans. I've started with Google Jamboard, but I'm open to supporting more. So ping me on Twitter if you'd like me to create templates on Miro etc.

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