Context and challenge

Many of us are now working from home and we need to co-create, brainstorm and make things happen together. This is not easy. Some have toddlers to look after and some have home schooling or other family members to support. Finding time for meetings can be difficult. When working remotely, there can be more resistance to video calling a colleague to work on something together.

How to even collaborate on something? We know online meetings, but working sessions together? What platforms to use and to use them together?

Brainstorming and ideation is harder when we are not in the same room.

Learning objectives

  • Learn what to take into account when working remotely. For instance how to combine different modes of working (synchronously together and separately) effectively.
  • Have a toolbox full of tools to use for different kinds of remote co-working sessions with co-workers.


The webinar will take place Friday 17th of April and lasts 1,5 hours.

The starting time on different time zones:
14:00 EET (Summer time, GMT+3)
13:00 CET (Summer time, GMT+2)

To join, you need just the things you would normally need in order to be effective in a remote team setting:

  • good quality internet condition
  • computer
  • webcam
  • good audio setup: headset with a microphone is preferred, but a Jabra device will work as well

We will send you advance information and a link to join the webinar after you enroll.

We are fully booked

See you in the next webinar :)

Feedback from the previous webinars

  • I will play something with my team next week. Thank you for your encouragement!
  • Loads of features to try out, together with my team
  • Great ideas for energizers
  • I like JamBoard, will try this with my team +1
  • We all have tha same problems - that is a relieve
  • This was a reminder to make online meetings less "official" and boring. Check-ins, games, tools to support collaboration etc.
  • Fun, good spirit
  • It's possible to keep things in a time-box!!!!

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