Explosives and spaceships, connection and fun with remote playable games

Connection and positive energy do not flow automatically in a remote team setting.
Instead, you need to create practices that create connection between team members. And let them have fun experiences together.

Sometimes we are just low on energy. This makes collaborating, remotely or otherwise, a bit ineffective and certainly it’s not fun. One way of tackling the problem is using energisers and games are pretty good ones at that. But how to make that work remotely?

Easy! By playing games that work well in a remote setting!

In this free interactive webinar we get some hands-on experience and talk about the benefits of fitting some gaming to your remote collaboration efforts!

The webinar will take place on 14:00 EET (13:00 CET) on Friday 27th of March and lasts 1,5 hours.

Webinar agenda

Here is the high level agenda of our webinar:

  • Start at 13:00 CET
  • Introduction to webinar
  • Check-in, get to know each other
  • Why play games with remote teams?
  • 13:15 Light energizer game(s)
  • Debrief in small groups
  • Share insights to everyone
  • 13:45 Short break
  • 13:50 Spaceteam
  • Debrief in small groups
  • Share insights to everyone
  • 14:20 Wrap-Up
  • Feedback
  • Webinar ends at 14:30 CET
Spaceteam in-action


The webinar will take place on 14:00 EET (13:00 CET) on Friday 27th of March and lasts 1,5 hours.

To join, you need just the things you would need to be effective in a remote team setting:

  • good quality internet condition
  • computer
  • webcam
  • good audio setup: headset with a microphone is preferred, but a Jabra device will work as well

This time you will also need a phone or a tablet with Spaceteam installed. Spaceteam is free, you can install it here.

We will send you advance information and a link to join the webinar after you enroll.

Wrap-up from the previous webinar

We were full!

We reached the maximum level of participants! This is good, because this means we have a reason to do this again!

Check the next webinar or get notified about our future webinars here:

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Feedback from the previous webinar

  • Loads of features to try out, together with my team
  • I like JamBoard, will try this with my team +1
  • We all have tha same problems - that is a relieve
  • This was a reminder to make online meetings less "official" and boring. Check-ins, games, tools to support collaboration etc.
  • loads of possibilities>>
  • It's possible to keep things in a time-box!!!!

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