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We will keep covering the topic of games later in this webinar series.

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Productive Remote Teams Interactive Webinar: Remote retrospectives
“People are passive”, “Clumsy tools”, “Lacking human connection”... These areall common challenges agile coaches, ScrumMasters and facilitators face whenfacilitating retrospectives remotely. At Flowa we have run Remote retrospective for years because we are located inHelsinki and Jyväskylä. We h…

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Games for remote teams
Games bring joy and connection to remote teams. If you care for the productivityand wellbeing of your remote team, you should consider playing more gamestogether. This a growing list of games that we have found to work well with remote teams. SpaceteamA collaborative mobile shouting game…
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This is a list of posts that contain tips and materials for remote teams andremote work Free Resources for Remote Software TeamsWe have collected a list of the bestandmost trustworthy free resources for new remote teams.Antti KirjavainenFlowa[/blog/free-resources-for-remote-software-teams/]Thes…